This week is Danish Festival!

Can you believe it’s Danish Fest time already? Where has the summer gone? This week is going to be spent making up lotions, body butters, and lip balms so that I am fully stocked when I head to Greenville. Lucky for me, I’ll be staying with my parents during Danish Festival, so if I sell out of something, I can brew up another batch that night. That would be a hard task in a hotel room!

Once again, I’ll be sharing a booth with my best friend and fellow entrepreneur, Mackenna Tyler-Deitz from Stone Door. While we both are creators of body care items, mine tend more toward the cosmetic/pampering area while hers are all about being therapeutic and healing, so we complement each other very well.

The Danish Festival takes place in Greenville, Michigan from August 20 through August 22. There is so much do see, do, and buy that a trip will not be wasted. Come out and see us!

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