Currently, you can order products online at my Etsy store If something is listed as “Out of Stock”, please contact me at info@aftertwelve.com – I may have more available and just haven’t restocked the store yet!

I have received questions about the shipping costs in the Etsy store.  Every item is listed as having a $5.00 shipping fee, and if you order more than one item, it’s $5.00 for the first item and $1.00 for each item after that.  HOWEVER, whatever you pay in shipping that is not used will be refunded to you!  I would prefer to have calculated shipping so that you and I always know how much it’s going to cost, but so far Etsy does not provide that option.  I always ship US Priority Mail so that I can give you a tracking number and get confirmation that the items were delivered.  This is for my peace of mind as well as yours.

If you are in Michigan and want the thrill of buying something from me in person, keep your eyes on the News Posts or the Upcoming Events section on the home page to find out where I’m going to be.  I don’t have a storefront, but I do put in appearances at festivals and craft shows.